Crisis in the West Indies: the government says it is open to the application of the vaccination obligation

Crisis in the West Indies: the government says it is open to the application of the vaccination obligation

True remained tense on Tuesday in the French West Indies where Overseas Minister Sébastien Lecornu ended his visit meant to alleviate the social crisis. He said he was open to an “adaptation of the applying of the law” of vaccine obligation, that was initially to apply on November 15, the day when the final strike began in Guadeloupe, and had already been postponed to the 31st. December.

Attempted hearth at a city hall in Guadeloupe, roadblocks in Martinique and Saint-Martin: things was still tense in the French Antilles , Tuesday, November thirty, on the last day of the visit of the Minister of Overseas. Sébastien Lecornu was open to the applying of the vaccination obligation, already postponed to December thirty one.

Arrived Monday evening in Martinique, second and last stage of a short keep intended to ease tensions and find out of the social crisis in the French West Indies, the minister met at the prefecture a delegation of twenty trade unionists and local elected officers, once Similar discussions the day before in Guadeloupe came to an finish.

In Fort-de-France, the member of the govt. was open to an “adaptation of the appliance of the law” of compulsory vaccination, that was initially to apply on November fifteen in the West Indies, the day on that began the general strike in Guadeloupe.


Born from the refusal of this vaccination obligation for caregivers and firefighters, the movement has unfold to political and social demands, in specific against the high cost of living, inflicting violence, looting and fires and then reaching Martinique where the protest began on November twenty two . The two islands are placed below curfew.

Friday, Sébastien Lecornu and his colleague from Health Olivier Véran had announced to postpone to December thirty one, 2021 the “finalization of the implementation of the vaccine obligation” for Guadeloupe and Martinique.

But “I do not see how on December 31, we tend to can be in a position to accept the vaccine obligation as it's nowadays”, underlined Tuesday at the exit of the meeting Serge Letchimy, president of the executive council of Martinique, as a result of “we will not reach a level that enables continuity of care “.


“The minister understood that our specificity should be taken under consideration during this question of compulsory vaccination”, rejoiced on the steps of the prefecture Bertrand Cambusy, secretary general of the CSTM, union at the origin of the call for a general strike, that spoke as spokesperson for the inter-union.

Before the meeting, around 120 individuals had gathered in front of the prefecture, when a relatively calm night on the island. Dams were however erected, in specific on the highway, cutting the island in two, and a postal processing center located in a very district of Fort-de-France was vandalized, indicated La Poste, that deplores the deterioration of ‘part of the packages.

An AFP journalist noted the presence of burnt cars and overturned on a roadblock at the roundabout of Mahault, within the town of Lamentin, with regarding 10 folks gift straight away.


In Guadeloupe, the city hall of Basse-Terre was the target of a virus of fireplace, which was quickly brought below control. In the same sector, the prefecture has announced that it will ban gatherings of additional than six individuals in Rivière-des-Pères, where the gendarmes have raised a roadblock.

“Dams are currently installed on the roads of Guadeloupe”, but indicated the prefecture in the same press release. Earlier within the day, the access to Mare Gaillard on Grande-Terre, between Le Gosier and Saint-François, was again fully blocked by a hermetic dam even though it had been clear for many days.

And in Baie-Mahault, true was uncertain in the vast industrial area of ??Jarry that the police were trying to secure, the day once Sébastien Lecornu announced the dispatch of a squadron of seventy mobile gendarmes and ten extra GIGN members.

In Saint-Martin, another French territory in the West Indies which has been facing a social movement for some weeks, roadblocks once more disrupted traffic on Tuesday when 3 weeks of lull, and businesses were attacked.

In Paris, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin reaffirmed the government's position of refusing to “discussion with people” refusing to condemn violence against the police. “The vast majority of Guadeloupeans do not support this movement of protest against thugs,” he said to the Assembly, stressing the record of the government which “has place an finish to the problem of supplying water in Guadeloupe “or” paid 1.five billion euros “to fight against the Covid on the island.

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